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Pool Heater Repair Service

Regarding outdoor appliances, such as pool heaters, for a brief moment let us consider a few formidable facts about the wonderfully charming place where we live: Long Island, New York. Essentially, although often forgotten, Long Island is actually an island. It is quite literally surrounded by water on all sides and elegantly protrudes into the Atlantic Ocean with a slight northeastern tilt. Each year, starting January 1st, we typically experience cold arctic air freezing everything in sight. Including us. On occasion we get covered with several inches, if not several feet, of white, cold, partially frozen water, called snow. By now our summer tan is just a distant memory. Knowing that she just made us all absolutely miserable for the last three months, the fierce northeastern winter gracefully leaves us with a smile on her face.

The snow all melts and creates one large New York mess. At this time, there is usually enough sand and salt covering our neighborhood roadways to theoretically extend Montauk Point all the way to the United Kingdom. Winter is gone, we all suffer through a terrible 23 hour day that causes mental confusion for at least a week, and then it rains. It rains for about two months, stopping just in time so that everything we own is covered with a thick lime green layer of oak tree pollen.

After that, the beaches open and the weather turns hot. Not just hot though, sweltering hot, with recording-breaking scorching heat waves and near 100% relative humidity levels. During this time of discomfort from extreme air temperatures and saturating humidity levels, we also experience torrential downpours from violent thunderstorms that cause flash flooding on streets and tree branches to be ripped from their limbs.

Soon the long suffering of unbearably hot daytime temperatures and sticky humid nights quickly subsides, paving the way for a nice comforting tropical storm or hurricane. If our homes are still standing, our roofs are still overhead, and our basements are not flooded, we can now turn our attention to cleaning up the deep layer of dead leaves that cover every single square inch of our properties.

Finally, sometime in October, the air turns crisp and we all get to sleep a little extra one Sunday morning thanks to a 25 hour day. The pool is closed, the patio furniture is covered, the kids are deep in their school routines, and we finally sit back in our chairs and enjoy about three days of pleasant weather, right before it starts to snow again. Throughout this entire inevitably repeating annual process, in a forgotten corner of your yard, standing quietly all alone behind that bush, is your outdoor electronic-fired pool heater. Unbeknownst to you, the majority of your neighborhood’s four-legged members are about to move their entire families into their newly discovered metal winter cabin. It is there that they will have a party. A party that will last all winter long, without ever cleaning up. Now, regarding outdoor appliances, such as pool heaters, after all of that, how likely do you feel your pool heater is actually going to work the next time you attempt to turn it on? Which by the way, is typically on Memorial Day weekend, right before your guests arrive… Call us for service.


Pool Heater Winterization Service

Our pool heater winterization service is an annual service that is performed after your swimming pool is closed for the season. We verify all water is removed from the internal components of your heater to prevent freeze damage. Electrical systems will be powered down and disconnected to prevent accidental start up. Fuel supplies will be turned off. Depending on your product, internal components may be removed and stored indoors for the winter. We then complete a full rodent deterrence treatment on all heaters. We have developed proven methods to eliminate expensive headaches that rodent damage can cause. This process works and will greatly increase the life expectancy and reliability of your product.


Pool Heater Start-up Service

Our pool heater start-up service is an annual service that is performed immediately after your swimming pool filtration system is up and running. During the start-up service, we inspect all visible components on your heater. After verifying that you filtration system is delivering adequate water flow to your pool, we inspect and clean operating components inside the unit. Debris is removed to ensure safe and efficient operation. Any components that were removed or disconnected during a winterization will be reassembled and properly inspected. Your unit is test fired and our technicians perform a full safety check to ensure all operating controls are functioning within manufacturer’s specifications. These services keep your product running at optimal performance.


New Installs

From above ground swimming pools to olympic sized commercial pools, we have the experience and knowledge to design a reliable heating system for any application. We are exceptionally knowledgeable in advanced system piping using multiple heat sources. We have refined our craft utilizing “reverse return” system piping into a true work of art. We would be happy to evaluate your pool system and recommend products and installation techniques to best suit your needs.

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