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Safeguard is a Long Island, New York-based heating company. We specialize in hydronic heating, which is really just a fancy way of saying “we are good at heating water.” You may find it interesting that we only offer a short list of services. This is intentional. Why? Because our company believes it is better to be the best at a few things, than just average at many. Our goal is simple: to keep you and your family comfortable while maintaining peace of mind. We keep your home warm in the winter, and your swimming pool warm in the summer. We do the worrying so you do not have to. The safety of your family is our number one priority.

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We are proficient in servicing hot water boilers, steam boilers, condensing boilers, modulating boilers, warm air furnaces, fireplaces, and swimming pool heaters. We offer Emergency Repair Service, Scheduled Preventive Maintenance, Warranty Repairs, and New Installations. Our experienced technicians are experts in servicing state of the art high efficiency equipment, as well as older heating systems that were built long before we were born. We are exceptionally familiar with New York State, Federal [CGA], and NFPA Standards and codes. These codes exist to keep us all safe. We know them, we follow them, and we believe in them.

We specialize in residential home heating systems. Whether you require a new installation, an emergency repair, or a scheduled maintenance service, we have a knowledgeable staff that is standing by to assist you in all of your home heating needs. We understand the importance of reliability when it comes to your home heating system. Our clients require a reliable service company and reliable products- we provide both. We are devoted to keeping your home as comfortable and as safe as possible.

Our company has developed the reputation for being the swimming pool heating industry’s foremost professional experts. We have the knowledge and experience to offer a level of quality service and workmanship that is simply unsurpassed. When you need the best, we are here.

Who doesn't love the ambience of a warm inviting fireplace? We sure do! When it comes to comfort, a fireplace is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing amenities to have in your home. And why not enjoy it at the click of a button?

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