Your Questions, Answered

1. Do I need to have our pool open before you perform a summer start-up on our pool heater?

Yes, your pool must be up and running for us to test fire your pool heater.

2. Do I need to be home at the time of service?

No, you do not. Providing the unit is outside, we will not need access to anything inside the home. We will call you the night before so you know a field technician will be on your property.

3. Do you accept CC’s?

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

4. Do I have to close our pool before or after you perform a winterization service on our pool heater?

The pool needs to be closed so we can drain and verify that there is no water remaining in your pool heater. Your pool must be closed before we do winterization service.

5. My pool heater is displaying “LO” and will not operate. What does this mean?

LO is a code for “Limit Open.” Please make sure your filtration system is running properly and then contact us for service.

6. Do you service or maintain swimming pools?

No, we do not. We specialize in heating equipment. We would be happy to refer you to a competent company to service your swimming pool.

7. Do I have to winterize my pool heater?

No. But if you want it to work next year, yes. Please see the description of our seasonal pool heater services.

8. The jets in my pool are not coming out “hot”? Is my heater working?

Because of the massive amount of water going through your pool system, pool heaters are designed to increase the water temperature entering the system only a small amount. This means the water coming out of the jets will only feel slightly warmer than the rest of the pool. This may appear to be hotter when the pool is up to swimming temperature.

9. What is the life expectancy of my pool heater?

With proper maintenance and proper management and control of your pool water chemistry, we hope to see our customers enjoy their pool heaters for at least a decade.

10. Do I have to maintain my chemicals?

Yes! We recommend you test AT LEAST every other day. Your pool chemistry can very quickly damage the internal components of a swimming pool heater if the chemistry is not within range. These ranges are listed in the owner’s manual of your pool heater. Please consult with a qualified swimming pool service company for further information.

11. How long will it take my pool heater to warm up my swimming pool?

On average we will expect to see a temperature increase of 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit for every hour of use. Cold weather, high winds, and rain will all hinder this rate.

12. Should I cover my pool heater?

No, we do not recommend covering your pool heater.

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