About Us

Our Story

Safeguard was founded by Ed Bondy. After nearly two decades of employment at a Long Island-based utility company, Ed decided he wanted to pursue the American dream and run his own business. In the late 1980s, his small, essentially one-man company began servicing and installing home heating systems out of a small pickup truck. Ed’s reputation for reliable quality service quickly began to spread by word of mouth. You see, Ed had a natural gift for mechanical inclination, but he also had another unique talent. He possessed natural leadership. Ed had an ability to confidently advise his customers. He was good at it. Really good at it. Through countless hours of devotion to growing his company and providing for his family, Ed turned Safeguard into a household name.


Safeguard Today

We are pleased to announce that at the end of the 2015 fiscal year, Ed Bondy, the founder of Safeguard Gas Heat, Inc., formally made public his well-deserved retirement. We would like to thank Ed for his 30 years of dedication to his employees and his remarkable devotion to our thriving Corporation. We celebrate his accomplishments and commend his success! Ed’s son, Michael E. Bondy, has worked side by side with his father to mature Safeguard Gas Heat, Inc. into the respected and knowledgable service company it is today. We are very excited for Michael to lead us into the promising future and continue to set the sound example of a great American Business. We look forward to the opportunity to reinforce our relationships with our valued clients and trusted associates.


Why Safeguard is #1


Our Technicians

Our experienced technicians all have one common attribute: they love to fix things. In fact, they are phenomenal at it. Like people, every home is unique, with its own personality. Well, we’ve met a lot of homes! Safeguard’s service technicians spend a large amount of time learning your home’s character and carefully listening to our clients before they ever touch a tool. We are seasoned professionals and are masters at solving problems. Perhaps equally important, we just like doing it.


Our Customer Service

Our customer service team is second to none. We maintain extremely accurate and detailed service records for every account. This archived information enables us to provide our clients with a virtual library of records about your property. This valuable information is at hand to assist you in making cost-effective decisions. A dedicated staff member will keep you informed throughout every step of the process, answering all of your questions and addressing all of your concerns.


Our Work Ethic

At Safeguard we treat every client with the personal attention we would want for our own families. We often develop relationships that last for generations. The trust between client and service company must be earned. It is our goal to do just that. We are organized, efficient, and dependable. And to be very frank, we simply perform some of the cleanest and most detail-oriented craftsmanship available.

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