Home Heating

Emergency Repair Service

We offer emergency repair service in the event that you lose heat or hot water. There is nothing worse than waking up to a cold house in the middle of a New York winter. On second thought, waking up to a cold house in the middle of a New York winter and not having hot water is much worse. If either of these days should come, we are here to help.


Preventive Maintenance

We offer preventive maintenance on home heating equipment. This is an annual service performed before you start up your heating system for the first time. We recommend performing this service in early September. This service includes an inspection of the entire heating system and verification that the components are working within their mechanical specifications. Anything requiring cleaning and/or lubrication is done on site. The heating system will be fired up and ran to maximum temperature. We will monitor your heating system to verify everything is functioning properly and safely. When the cold weather arrives, you can rest assured that your heating system is up to the task.


New Installations

We are happy to provide free estimates for new installations. Our experienced field technicians are experts in advising our clients on a variety of heating installations. Whether it be product replacements or completely new installations, we have the knowledge to guide you through the process and design a system that satisfies your requirements. Please contact us for details.

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